Master Dennis at IIC

Master Dennis talks at an International Instructors Course

Nopunde Jirugi

High Punch in Dan Gun Tul

Bending Ready Stance

Side kick training


Master Dennis runs a full time MMA academy in Redhill

Twimyo Yop Chagi

TaeKwon-Do offers the full range flying techniques which with the right training anyone can achieve


Summer camp 2015 !

Extreme Taekwon-do summer camp 2015 17th-21st Aug. Tadworth. 6-16 years old. Yellow belt to black belt. If interested please contact us asap. 01737 771001

Extreme Taekwon-do summer camp !

Extreme Taekwon-do summer camp will be held as usual in Tadworth. Mon 18th Aug – Fri 22nd Aug.

2014 !!!!

The first classes back are : Mon’ 6th Jan’ Epsom 7.30-9.00pm. Wed’ 8th Jan’ Dorking 7.00-8.30pm. Thur’ 9th Jan’ Cheam 5-5.30 (4/5yrs),5.30-6.30 (6-8),6-7(9-11),7-8.30pm(12-adult), 8-9pm(MMA). Sun’ 12th Jan’ Cheam 10.00-11.00pm. Beginners and experienced welcome

TKD Impact Day

A Day of Taekwon-do training with Master Nardizzi 8th Dan, Master Anderson 7th Dan and Master Russell Dennis 7th Dan. Sunday 3rd November 10am-4pm Croydon see events

TKD Impact League Competitions

TKD Impact hold an annual league table of competition results and the competitions are for all ages and grades of TaeKwon-Do within the Impact organisation. The first tournament for 2013 is March 9th and held at the Impact Academy in

Easter & Summer Camps 2013

Master Dennis TKD Boot Camps 2013 Every year Master Dennis holds two TaeKwon-Do boots camps for children between the ages of 6 and 16. The Easter Camp is 3 days and the Summer Camp is 5 days of Extreme TKD

New Extreme TKD Web site

Extreme TKD, the TaeKwon-Do group headed by Master R. Dennis VII, has a new web site which will provide important information for students, parents of students and new people interested in TaeKwon-Do in Dorking, Epsom, Sutton and Cheam and MMA