Come and try TaeKwon-Do

You might have thought about taking up a martial art at some point in time. Maybe as another way to stay in shape or possibly as a means to protect yourself. There are many reasons why people choose to take up a martial art, but I want to take a second to outline what I feel are the most important reasons to at least try a martial art. Maybe it’s for yourself, maybe it’s for your children…whatever the reason, all martial arts contain a unique wealth of knowledge and discipline that you simply can’t get anywhere else. My hope is that this will inspire you to get out of your chair and into one of our classes to see what TaeKwon-Do is all about.

Self Confidence

TaeKwon-Do is very good for improving physique, balance, awareness, flexibility, and many other physical and mental characteristics. TaeKwon-Do will teach you how to combine these capabilities and use them to succeed in attaining higher belts, building friendships and protecting yourself if necessary. The more you can do, the more confident you will be.

Self Defence

One of the most common reasons to study martial arts is to learn how to defend yourself. Our classes are designed to instill the basics of TaeKwon-Do, but to also offer you a rounded self defence set of skills you can use anywhere. We maintain that martial arts are purely for self defence and not as a means of aggression. We include elements of mixed martial arts to give you the tools you need to protect yourself, if you find yourself in a dangerous situation.

Self Discipline

You will find that training in one of our classes will help you focus mentally. Martial arts are meant to be challenging as you rise up through the gradings, and we hope that you will want to better yourself. Once you learn the focus necessary to succeed in martial arts you can apply it to the rest of your life. Success is mental, and martial arts will teach you the self discipline necessary to succeed at anything you put your mind to.


Martial arts does require a lot of hand, foot, eye, and mental coordination, but all of this is developed over time. If you consider yourself as an uncoordinated person, training in TaeKwon-Do will help you grow those skills. You’ll be amazed what your body is capable of doing! Even if you are a natural athlete, standing on one foot, while kicking with the other, and blocking with your hands is quite difficult and involves coordination.


Martial Arts does not have to focus only on fighting or self defence as some styles are based more on fitness. However, those with an interest in the fighting & self-defence aspects of martial arts will find their fitness levels quickly increasing as training not only develops various muscle groups, but flexibility and balance as well. Your level of fitness can be just as important as your skills and abilities.

Family Enjoyment

Most people don’t know that this is an excellent way to spend time together with your family! Some martial art clubs allow families to train together and others separate classes by age groups. Regardless of how classes are segregated, families find themselves enjoying the time spent together. It is not unheard of having a family all test together for various ranks and black belts. We have many family members all training together; Mums, Dads, siblings; everyone is welcome.

Meet New People – Martial Arts is for everyone…

Make new friends as part of your training. Everyone is working towards their own goals and there is no competition between our students. We all help each other and encourage to attain the desired results, whether you are aiming for a higher grade or just wanting to tone your body. With regular training consisting of cardio exercises, stretching and sparring, you’ll be in close contact with your club members, so the social element also keeps the fun element.

Take a look at our class timetable and see if you can make it to a club near you.