Junior TaeKwon-Do

Age Group: 6 – 11 years  


The Junior TaeKwon-Do classes at Extreme TKD off the full spectrum of skills taught through the ITF TaeKwon-Do syllabus and are great fun as well as providing important self defence lessons.

Master Dennis teaches all the junior classes and has produced many high level junior blackbelts.

The enquire about Junior TaeKwon-Do classes please contact Master Dennis



So the sad day has come when all the venues I use have closed due to the coronavirus Covid-19 problem until 1st May.

It is such a shame, as I have so many enthusiastic students who are almost as Taekwon-do crazy as I am.

As well as my obsession, Taekwon-do is my main job, so I am going to be very lost over the next month or so.

I will put up some posts/videos on our ‘Extreme Taekwon-do’ Facebook page to keep everyone ticking over. Please feel free to send messages/videos via Facebook.

You could send pattern videos for me to give some comments on or impress me with some videos of how many side kicks or turning kicks you can do in 1 minute in the living room (carefully !) or jumping kicks in the garden. I can of course answer questions and recommend or make videos.

Keep in contact and pray for May !
Summer camp 17th-21st August !

Master Russell Dennis (8th Dan)