TaeKwon-Do Classes Over Christmas

2019 / 2020 Last of 2019 and First lessons back

Lessons :

                                            Last of 2019            First lesson back

Redhill     (Monday)                16th Dec                  6th Jan 2020

Dorking    (Wednesday)          18th Dec                  8th  Jan 2020

Cheam     (Thursday)              19th Dec                  2nd  Jan 2020

Tadworth (Friday)                   13th Dec                  10th Jan 2020

Cheam     (Sunday)                 15th Dec                  5th Jan 2020

The hall hire costs have gone up again, however I would like to keep the Taekwon-do training fees the same again and I will review this for 2021. Suits and equipment will also remain the same for the moment. Grading fees (yellow tag to black tag) have changed slightly.

Please remember that yearly membership money is due for most of you at the end of January (£30 for first time).

Thank you for being part of our Taekwon-do family and have a great Christmas.

Master Russell Dennis   VIII Dan


From Monday 17th May, lessons will restart more fully in Cheam, Dorking and Redhill.

Some COVID regulations and restrictions are still in place.

There are some posts/videos on our ‘Extreme Taekwon-do’ Facebook page to keep everyone ticking over. Please feel free to send messages/videos via Facebook or WhatsApp.

I can of course answer questions and recommend or make videos.

Keep an eye on this site for the latest updates..

Master Russell Dennis 8th Dan