TaeKwon-Do Training from January 2022

Taekwon-do training into 2022 Redhill back on 3th Jan Dorking back on 5th Jan Cheam back on 6th Jan All the hall hire costs have gone up again and the training fees haven’t increased for about 15 years, so the training fees will have to go up slightly for 2022. Suits and sparring equipment have also increased significantly, so I will … Read more

Why Grading in TaeKwon-Do is Important and How to Do It Correctly

Grading in TaeKwon-Do is the process by which your instructor decides whether you are ready to move to the next belt rank or degree. To do this, they will typically require that you demonstrate certain skills and knowledge. How do you know if you’re ready to be graded? If you can answer yes to these … Read more

TaeKwon-Do Lockdown Videos

Thank you to all the students – white belts to black belts, who have sent videos of patterns and pad work combinations etc to us via Facebook or WhatsApp. It has been lovely to see them and great to be able to give feedback to you to continue improving your training.

30 Years Teaching TaeKwon-Do!

Unfortunately we haven’t been able to celebrate it properly during the current problems, however Master Dennis has been teaching TaeKwon-do for 30 years this Easter. Cheam was the first class he taught as a 1.5 Dan, then the other venues followed.. Dorking, Epsom, and now Redhill. Hope to see you back in class once the … Read more

Black Belt Session

A red belt and above session was held at Croydon. This concentrated on senior patterns, sparring and self defence drills. We try to hold these once every other month, to give the higher belts extra practice and so develop their skills.